Authentic lodging
Providing accommodation for workers and explorers in Northern British Columbia for over twenty years.
A pristine destination
Located at the mouth of the Homathko river, the camp is surrounded by Mount Bute and Mount Waddington, BC's most imposing mountains. The scenery also features some of the largest ice fields in British Columbia.
Homathko Camp, Bute Inlet
Homathko camp is an accommodation facility in Bute Inlet, accessible by plane, boat or helicopter.

Homathko Camp is located north of Bute Inlet, in beautiful British Columbia.

It is the perfect base for fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking expeditions. Homathko also serves as a home for those in the forestry, engineering, and nature sciences working in the Homathko and Southgate valleys.

We offer food and accommodation for up to 30 people, and we are enthusiastic to facilitate access to the back country. More recently, Homathko hosted various big film crews, shooting for National Geographic and the next Paramount picture block buster.

For accommodation, contact us at:

Phone: +1 250 830 2268

E-mail: [email protected]

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